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I have no experience with baby food, other than from when I was a baby, and I had no idea it was so nasty until everyone started blogging about it. Now I'm tempted to go buy a jar just to see how revolting it really is. I'm weird, I know. :)


Gaaaah. The weird things people come up with...


Baby food actually makes a good substitute for fat in baked goods -- prune is good in chocolate things. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I'd rather have the actuall FOOD, not the food processed into (almost)liquid.


Interesting! I have to confess that I've always eaten baby food (Gerber) as snacks and find it rather tasty. Then again, I like a lot of food with baby food texture - mashed potatoes, gravy, yogurt, cream cheese, etc. I do like crunchy and chewy food as entrees, but I love sides and sweets that don't require chewing!


Okay, okay. I'll admit it. I LOVE baby food. Well, not all baby food, but...

I'm the oldest of 6 kids. I helped to raise my youngest two siblings (born when I was 11 and 14). At 21 I had my first child. Beech Nut (or Gerber, I can't remember the brand) has this stuff called "Tutti Frutti" that is to DIE for. And Apricots? YUM. Bananas, even the prunes for crying out loud.

And yes, I admit it! I'm actually a culinary school graduate. And I LOVE baby food. It's so sad. LOL

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