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Nicole, all I can say is wow! You look fantastic! I am so proud of you! You must feel about one thousand percent better, too.

I'm glad I've discovered your blog. After my move in three weeks, I'll be posting on mine a helluva lot more than I have. Hope the move goes well!


when the weather is nice, i usually get off one metro stop before the one i should really take - that way, i'll get in a nice walk before work... just an idea, maybe you could do the same... :o)


Hey, Tom! Glad you found me, and thanks for the kind words.

Salma Gundi

Have you walkscored your new digs yet? Maybe that will help you get a little more jazzed about the new place:


I'm a foot dragger about change, too. And once I finally get with the program, I usually go nuts trying to learn everything about the new whatever so I can stop being a newbie and start being an old hand.

*\o/* for you and your positive approach. Go get'em, tigre!

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