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sounds like you're adjusting well, minus the pole in your cubby... that would annoy the crap out of me - can you at least hide behind it, if necessary? ;-)

and its just a comment but have you considered bringing your lunch? that way, you could control what you're eating and not have to worry about all the 'bad' places near work... i haven't bought my lunch in years but splurge on a bagel every friday - my weekly treat! :o)


When you said you work in an underground city, I had visions of Zion from the Matrix trilogy. Do they have flying ships too? :)


I've always thought that undergroundness of Crystal City to be creepy. Actually, I find all of CC creepy! But you're right, you'll always be able to go for a walk. A creepy walk.

And congrats on the non-pillar cube!


sounds like you're in crystal city, right? depending on which part of its infinite abyss you're in, you might be close to 23rd street, which has a lot of non-chain restaurants...i'm talking across rte 1 and eads. otherwise, you're really short car ride to del ray and there's lots of cute stuff there!

good luck!

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