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OMG, if only fall would arrive! We're also still in the 90s and I can't take it much longer. The only bright side is that with the shorter days, the garage cools off a bit sooner for our after-work workouts.

The heat is truly pissing me off (that and my PF) because this should be the time of year for hiking.


i love fall too, never used too when i was in school but now i really enjoy it... the clothes, the crisp morning air, football on sundays - the whole gamut... i think summer is just harder in general - there are more BBQs and happy hours outside so to me, it's touch being OP all the time... i'm glad things are calming down again... :o)


WHOLLY MOLLEY! You look AWESOME! I guess its been a while since I've seen you in person - you rock, girl! A total inspiration. Thanks.


Glad to hear that you're back into your groove -- I agree w/ summer. Somehow that's my most difficult time re: weight loss. I don't know why. D


I feel exactly the same way about the weather. And cannot wait for the cooler temps to get here and stick around. It's better now, but still in the low 80s which is NOT autumn-worthy. It's so much easier to move when the air you are moving through doesn't feel so oppressive. Enjoy the fall!


I hate summer too. Running is so much easier in the cool fall weather, it feels like cheating. Of course the downside is that when it gets warm again temporarily, I'm even more grouchy about it. Dangit, it's October. It should not be 80 degrees in my opinion. Anyway, I'm glad to hear you are back on track and feeling better. That out-of-control depression where you eat to feel better and ultimately feel even worse, then eat more because it's the only thing you can figure out to do when you feel that way, is a horrible state to be in. I know it well.

In my browser, the comments look fine. (The name of the poster is below the comment, though... not sure if that's how it normally is). Anyway, just wanted to add that data point. :)


I hate hot weather and humidity too. Thankfully fall has finally arrived here.
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