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The dress is amazing, Nicole, you look beautiful :)


In addition to the fact that street clothes limit your range of motion and can cause injuries, they also have zippers, rivets, snaps, and other things that can tear the padding on equipment.

Great picture, congratulations!


Ah. I hadn't thought about the zippers and snaps and stuff. Good point.


"ellipticizing" Heh! Is that what I've been doing this week?

I once had to walk back to a hotel wearing in a thunderstorm wearing jeans and they became so soaked it was like wearing a wet suit. It was like trying to peel cling wrap off of my legs. I definitely wouldn't want to work out in them.


Working out at home = nudity rocks!

No, not really. But I do wear as little as possible, and I'm only swapping sweat with my husband, so I'm not worried about hygiene.

I have so many bad workout habits like that ingrained, I could NEVER go to a gym. But they're more embarrassing than hazardous.

p.s. the little black dress is gorgeous! I love the skirt, it's very graceful. It's like the Mullet of dresses: all "sex me up!" on top and "I'm a ballerina princess" on the bottom.


I am new to your blog but I've read all your archives over the last couple of days and have to congratulate you for all of your hard work. You are amazing. I'm just starting to try to loose some weight - about 50-60 pounds and I've been blog reading for inspiration and motivation - and yours has been VERY inspirational. Thanks for sharing it and that dress is really lovely on you!


ooh you look fab in your frock :)


love the dress! you look stunning! :o)


Wow..you look so gorgeous! Congrats!

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Umm, I like the way your style in wearing your dress. You are not thin but you know how to carry yourself which is that is the sign of girl power.

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