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I absolutely know what you mean. Running. It's supposed to be natural. My sixteen month old niece runs her little legs off. Me? I barely manage a semi-jog and it doesn't seem to matter how good my cardio condition is or how strong my legs are from other stuff. I never get to the "groove" point because of all the Oww-ing and the gasping. My brain may want to be a runner, but my body has other plans.


yea, i'm with you on that - jogging inside vs. outside is much different... but i have to say, after months of treadmill work, i actually look forward to being outside... esp. with this weather... the more you do it, the less you will feel like you're going to die - if i can do it, you can too! :o)


I understand where you're coming from, too. I've been running since March, slowly slowly building and training for a 5K, exclusively on the treadmill. I finally ran outside for the first time just days before my first 5k race on 9/16. The 5k went well, mostly because I think the weather was so cool (65ish), and then there was a fire at my gym and it CLOSED for a WEEK!

There was no way I was gonna stop running--so I had to run outside and in the heat. It was 90* some days I ran. And now, just with a few weeks of outside running under my belt, I am hooked. I don't want to get back on the treadmill if I can help it. I was afraid, really, of running outside. Of losing the control over my speed and measuring my heart rate and distance on the treadmill. But I've found freedom on the pavement--it's hard to explain, I just feel more in touch with myself out there in the open than when I'm inside surrounded by the gym equipment.

Keep plugging along, and it doesn't matter if you're inside or out. If you're running, you're doing something good for your body. I hope you get bit by the running bug, too, because there's nothing I've found like it!


Heh. The first time I ran on pavement I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. It was unreal!

I've never gotten past two miles with running. I don't know what it is, I just don't seem to take to it. I suppose we're just all different...


I started out with the C2K, too, and it was the greatest thing, until I got outside!
I felt like I was running in mud. I learned from others that when you're on the treadmill to have AT LEAST a 1% incline (I run at 2%) to simulate the outside.


If I can do it - you can do it. CP25K is awesome. 5 months ago I couldn't run for more than 60 seconds. Today I did a 5k. I do run outside -- around my neighborhood. Although when it gets cold I will move to an indoor gym. Having never run inside, I am interested to see the difference.

Salma Gundi

I hated running for a long time. But hating it and learning to run anyway taught me a lot about myself - mostly that I dislike not knowing how to do things, and am quick to put that dislike on the actual subject instead of the learning process, itself.

Deep, no?

Cool about the 100 neat blogs thing. If I could shake the computer and make you write more often, I would. Your voice truly is unique.


Hang in there! Running is really hard at first. It takes forever to be able to run a mile. It takes less time to get to 2 miles, but it's still pretty hard.

Then something amazing happens. You break through some kind of mental (I swear it's not physical) block and it's nothing to get to 3 or 4 or 5 miles from there.

Keep at the couch to 5K plan which can get you through that hard starting phase (I do think it can be a little too aggressive, especially the closer you are to the couch end of the spectrum at the start, but there's nothing wrong with repeating weeks).

I just found these podcasts, which were a brilliant idea. http://www.podcasts.ullreys.net/ This guy recorded the right timings for when to switch according to what week you're on. The music seems a little (ok, a lot) cheesy, but it means no worrying about a stopwatch or cheating your way through it when guessing at it.

Outside is harder than inside, but it's still the same progression and you'll be one of those people who make it look easy in no time. :)

Good luck!


yes, keep running outside and before you know it you will have that "serene" look yourself! It does get easier, I promise! :)

Jeremy Reeves

Hey whatever works for ya right?

I'm not a big "runner" either and would rather focus on athletic skills, but I agree that a nice fall run is always awesome.

Jeremy Reeves

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