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Those are all great tips. I think the most important for me is to make sure I continue to eat normally throughout the holidays. It actually backfires for me to skip meals or eat too little in order to "save" calories for a party or big dinner. All that does is ensure I arrive at the giant buffet ravenous! I'm better off adding a few treats on top of regular meals than eating entire meals of treats.


Yes Eggnog lattes are one of the things I get excited about at this time of year too. But I have found that I can easily overdose on them and just last week realised I was already sick of them - despite the season only starting two weeks before!
So, I'm avoiding them altogether for the moment...


Great tips. There's just no point in trying to deny yourself at a holiday party or the Thanksgiving table; all it does is make you miserable and hungry and make your relationship with food even weirder. :(

As I just read on another forum, "you didn't gain all the weight because of one big Thanksgiving dinner and you're not going to put it all back on because of one."

But keeping portions and return trips sensible and keeping up with exercise is a great way to keep the holidays healthy and, just as importantly, fun and happy.


I LOVE eating raw carrots and tomatoes to stave off hunger pangs! I do occasionally snack on small cheese sticks as well as the protein helps keep me full.

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