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Oooh, you have an xbox? Let me tell you about this thing, it's called Guitar Hero... ;-)

I am so sorry to hear about your cat. That is so hard to bear, it's just heart-breaking. My cats lived to be 17 and 18, and you can imagine how much a part of our lives they were. We got them the year we were married.

Wishing a happy and successful 2008 to you!


Woohoo on sticking to your plan.

I'm feeling the same way about any kind of sweets or heavy food. Had too much of it over the holidays.


This is completely off topic, but I just came across your blog a few weeks ago and I wanted to thank you for it. Its brilliant. Also, I just finished reading Mindless Eating. THANK YOU for recommending it. It makes so much sense! I love it!


This is my first time on this blog and I really like the content ; ) Have you guys checked out thedailyskinny.com yet? It's mainly for healthy weight loss, but they also get into some great nutrition and exercise advice.


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I like the river boat gym idea. A more basic idea that might work though would be hooking dynamo’s up to all the eliptical, treadmill, and byclces at the gym and harnessing that electrical power for use by the gym. I would totally get a membership if the River boat gym every opens a location on Ladybird lake and would definitely try to run over the crew teams. haha no hard feelings crew members

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I love the blog. It is great. Thanks for sharing. Oh and I hate when the tredmill makes those noises too.


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