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i'm sorry to hear about your cat, rascal, just thinking about losing my max and tears come to my eyes... funny how some people just don't GET how attached you become to a pet, esp. when they are with you for such a long time... sounds like he had a great life though, so take comfort that he was very happy... :o)

i also went for a nice walk/jog this afternoon - felt great to be outside and to be doing something good, for me, on new years day... here's to a great '08! :o)


I'm so very sorry to hear about losing your friend. Our animal companions become such a part of our lives and it's very difficult when they leave us. I'm glad that you have such fond memories of him to carry with you.

I loved your gingerbread house and it summed up exactly how I felt about the holidays this year! They were trying and difficult and I'm glad to move past them for this year. You can come to a gingerbread house party of mine anytime!

Happy 2008!


I'm so sorry about your cat. Losing my last kitty was absolutely wrenching and I missed him for a long time.

I was just looking through your pictures and realized that I am totally copying you. I bowl with a hello kitty bowling ball in our league (because I saw yours and HAD to have one) and I bought three of those heart lockets from shanalogic (two for my nieces and one for me). You're a trend-setter -- well, at least for me. I hope I follow your trend of getting back to business in 2008.


I am so very sorry about losing your friend. I have more empathy for your situation than I can even begin to write here. I don't know if it helps at all, but when the time comes for me to have let go ... and it's coming fast, I'm planning on grieving by getting a tattoo and planting a tree. Maybe not the most traditional of mourning gestures, but it has to be better than becoming somnolent, and that is my fear.

A scrubbed off start to a new year is something I need, too. Best wishes to you Nicole. - dayzella/Salma


I'm sorry about your cat, too. A neighbor of mine lost her cat this year. And even though he wasn't my pet (not technically, anyway), I still miss him.

I couldn't agree more with your gingerbread house. Personally, I'm glad 2007 is over. I hope 2008 is a year that rocks.


Actually, that gingerbread house looks a lot better than the ones I've made. Here's to 2008!


Your ginger bread looks fantastic. Really very nice!

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